Third we get the

process of construction

started if need any

Quality Elevators And Lifts and New Mexico Stair Lifts reserves the right to refuse any application that we feel that is or can be unsafe or seemingly harmful to or any of Quality Elevators And Lifts employees or the business itself.

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First we help you decide 

the right product that 

will benefit your needs.

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Fourth we order and install the unit in your


Please know that financing is available only for the unit itself.  If there is any construction needed for the unit the home owner is solely responsible for the construction.

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     Financing is available up to $35,000 per unit. Now making your 2nd floor home or basement easier to access with the option of financing and it has never been easier to do so. Once we help you decide which is the best unit available for your home, we then work hand and hand with our finance company to make your approval process quick and easy.  Most applications get a response within 5 minutes.

Second  we submit

your ​information and

get you approved


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